Thursday, June 6, 2013

Emma Watson’s Braided Updo

She and I share the same initials. Naturally, we also share hair secrets. I mean, we’re close, she and I. We may even start a friendly competition of Who Braided Best, as Emma Watson wore a super complicated braided updo to the premiere of the Bling Ring movie, and I wore the same updo  to work and around my apartment just a day later. In my opinion, my updo was pretty successful. Girls were intrigued by the labyrinth occupying my skull, stopping me to stare at its intricate braiding and taking it in for quite some time before moving on. Guys, on the other hand, seemed perplexed. “It looks like a basket",” and “Wow, that’s…complicated” were the closest things to compliments I got.
emma watson braided updo
Personally, I really liked it. Typically the only kind of updo I attempt is a two-second top knot (and I don’t even use an elastic…or a brush…or a mirror), so something this complex is not usual for me. It felt like I could go from a yoga class to, say, a movie premiere, without feeling too dressed up or down.
emma watson braided updo2

For a  tutorial on how to recreate Emma Watson’s braided updo, head over to

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  1. Very cool braiding and what a beautiful model!